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Snowdrop Dreams, Cherry Thumbprint Screams

​A bereaved mother meets a desperate runaway in this romantic-suspense novella from The Wild Rose Press.


When Annie Barkley discovers a boy living in the attic of her cookie shop, she's stunned—and oddly elated. She can almost believe the universe is giving her back the infant son she lost eleven years ago.

Annie senses that something bad happened to the boy, but he won't talk. All she knows is that he's terrified of being found. When her long-ago crush, police captain Sam Stern, stops by to inquire about a missing boy, Annie says she hasn't seen him.

Big mistake. Because that lie might cost her more than a romance with Sam. It also leaves her vulnerable to a ruthless pursuer, one who's determined to silence the boy for good.

Excerpt from Snowdrop Dreams, Cherry Thumbprint Screams

The boy gave a mighty start. He jerked his head around, wild-eyed like the raccoon that had once entered Annie’s house through the long-unused doggie door and couldn’t find its way back out. He was trapped behind the counter because Annie was standing just outside the little exit gate. He tried to hurl himself over the counter. Annie stepped to the right, blocking him.

“Stop right there, buster. You’re not going anywhere.”

The boy slid off the counter and shrank into the corner, peering up at her like a baby mouse about to be devoured by an alley cat. She had just opened her mouth to ask what the heck was going on when he clutched his stomach and made a gagging, gulping noise.

“Uh-oh,” said Annie. With fumbling fingers, she unlatched the gate. The boy raced to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She heard him throwing up.

After a minute, she rapped on the door. “Hey, buddy. You okay?”

No reply.

She turned on the kitchen lights and paced up and down the short hallway, patting her thudding chest. It’s not Jonah, she told herself. It isn’t him. This was some other boy. Some other mother’s son. Not hers.

But Jonah, if he’d lived? He might look like this.