School Curriculum for Mall Girl Meets the Shadow Vandal

The educational materials on this page may be combined into a comprehensive school curriculum or used à la carte. The materials may also be used outside of a school setting to enhance the reading experience of individual readers.
  • Reading Guide: Is designed to develop students’ comprehension skills and critical reading ability. The Guide is broken into comprehension questions and discussion questions, grouped in sections of five or six chapters.

  • Elements of a Story: Provides short lessons to acquaint students with six story elements (setting, exposition, plot, figurative language, characters, and theme) as they relate to Mall Girl. Students will read textual information, watch videos, and complete exercises.  

  • Final Project list: Presents ten ideas for a final project related to the book. Student will have the chance to flex their creative or scientific muscles as they undertake such projects as writing a short story, designing a new Mount Rushmore, creating a board game, or conducting a science experiment.

  • Vocabulary List: Provides a list of words from Mall Girl that might be unfamiliar to readers. The electronic version of the document links each word to its definition, pronunciation, and usage examples at

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